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Superior Contact Lenses in Penticton

At Dr. Specs Optical in Penticton, we understand the significance of proper contact lens care in maintaining optimal eye health. When handled correctly, contact lenses offer a safe and effective means of vision correction, with over 45 million Americans choosing them. However, the risk of eye infections increases without proper care. We prioritize your eye health, emphasizing contact lens wearers and eye care providers' crucial role. Our commitment lies in guiding you on the proper habits, providing quality supplies, and ensuring personalized care to enhance your experience with contact lenses while minimizing the risk of infections. Trust us for comprehensive eye care that starts with you. Begin with a consultation.


Improve Your Vision with Contact Lenses

Introducing a transformative way to enhance your vision, Dr. Specs Optical proudly offers a range of contact lenses in Penticton catering to diverse needs. While contact lenses can liberate you from the constraints of eyeglasses, it's crucial to be aware of potential challenges associated with their use.

Contact lenses can induce changes in corneal structure, tear production, and gas levels, potentially leading to irritations or, in severe cases, infections. However, the good news is that these issues can be effectively addressed. 

Reach out to our expert team for guidance on choosing the right lenses and addressing any concerns. Your improved vision is our priority - contact us for personalized assistance today.​


Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

Occasionally, standard contact lens fittings may overlook specific eye conditions. If you experience corneal irregularities or eyelid issues impacting lens use, specialized contact lenses tailored to address these concerns may be the solution. Enhance your vision with Dr. Specs Optical's contact lenses in Penticton.

Addressing Common Concerns:

Take a look at the problems and solutions:


  • Redness: Redness, often a sign of irritation, can result from the accumulation of irritants like smoke, dust, or makeup on lenses. Thorough cleaning using approved solutions and following instructions can alleviate this common issue.

  • Burning and itchiness: Allergic reactions to contact lens materials or cleaning solutions may lead to burning and itchiness. To mitigate these reactions, optometrists prescribe antihistamines, anti-inflammatory eye drops, or alternative lens materials.

  • Eye discharge: Eye discharge, indicative of conjunctivitis, may necessitate antibiotic eye drops. Strict adherence to cleaning routines helps prevent the growth of viruses and bacteria, promoting overall eye health.

  • Grittiness: Grittiness may stem from foreign objects or infections. Carefully removing lenses, storing them in sterile containers, and flushing the eyes with clean water can address foreign objects. Treating underlying infections involves maintaining rigorous cleaning practices.

  • Light sensitivity: Extended wear of lenses may lead to corneal ulcers and light sensitivity. Resting the eyes and ensuring thorough cleaning to prevent foreign particle embedding can alleviate this issue.

  • Blurry vision: Dirty or damaged lenses can cause blurry vision. Optometrists can guide on suitable replacements, and special lenses, such as rigid, gas-permeable ones, may prevent issues like hypoxia.

  • Dry eyes: Contact lenses affecting natural eye hydration may lead to dry eye syndrome. Scleral lenses, covering a larger portion of the eye, can manage dry eye and corneal damage while correcting vision.

Have more questions or concerns about your contact lenses in Penticton? Our team at Dr. Specs Optical is here to help! Contact us for expert guidance on common issues, personalized solutions, and to ensure your continued comfort and eye health.

Tips for Contact Lens Use
Adopt these beneficial practices for the safe use of contact lenses and to safeguard the well-being of your eyes:

  • No sleep-in lenses: Avoid sleeping in contact lenses unless prescribed, as it increases the risk of eye infections up to 8 times.

  • Wash hands thoroughly: Always wash hands with mild soap and water before handling lenses, ensuring they are dried well with a clean cloth.

  • Keep lenses dry: Prevent water exposure to lenses to avoid introducing germs. Remove lenses before swimming or showering.

  • Proper cleaning: Rub and rinse lenses with a disinfecting solution, not water or saliva. Use fresh solution each time and as recommended by your eye care provider.

  • Care for lens case: Clean the case with a disinfecting solution, not water. Empty and dry with tissue, storing upside down with caps off. Replace every three months.

  • Consult your eye care provider: Discuss contact lens habits during appointments with your eye care provider. Visit yearly or as recommended.

  • Be prepared with backup: Carry backup glasses with a current prescription if contact lenses need to be removed. Remove lenses and contact your eye care provider if experiencing pain, discomfort, redness, or blurred vision.

Visit Us for Contact Lenses Problems and Solutions!

At Dr. Specs Optical, our commitment is to provide contact lenses in Penticton and ensure a seamless and comfortable experience. Schedule an appointment with us to explore personalized solutions for your vision needs and overcome any challenges associated with contact lens use. 

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